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Book Reviews

“For its wealth of detail, as well as its compelling and inspiring narrative, this work belongs on the shelves of both public and academic libraries.”

 – Library Journal

“Keen observation, warmth, and humor make Khosla’s journey most readable.”

– Booklist

“With a wide reach… and a sensitivity to his own and other’s experiences, Khosla, who is also a singer-songwriter, writes intimately and engagingly.”

– Toronto Women’s Book Store (

“Both Sides Now was one of our best-selling titles this month. I myself could not put it down — it is beautifully written, truthful — the words come from the right place.”

– Kathleen Caldwell, A Great Good Place for Books


Individual Readers


“Thank you for telling your story in such an indescribably delicious writing style. The layers and textures of your writing are like a gourmet dinner… Those of us with issues that are more socially acceptable stand in awe of your insights… Yours is a book that keeps replaying in my head as I contemplate what you said and how you phrased it. Tell us more in the next one.”

– Betty Day, North Carolina

“I bought Both Sides Now at a book fair.on the premise that it would be something to pass the time… but from page one, I was transfixed… drawn into a story that was as moving and as powerful and as heartbreaking as any book that I have ever read in my entire life. The courage that a man like you took to be(come) yourself is astounding. Self discovery, self realization, and happiness with myself have been issues I have dealt with my whole life, and your book cements every struggle I have gone through to finally and completely be who I Am. I am on my way to being a better man, and your story helps me realize that it can, and will happen to me too.”

– Jon, Massachusetts

“I saw you on The View recently and was very charmed by your personality and appearance, and was also very touched by your story. I immediately ordered your book on Amazon and just finished it this afternoon. (Took a long lunch break because I couldn’t put the book down; very well written and compelling.)… Your demeanor is one of self-assurance, and only by reading your book could those who don’t know you understand your struggles. Thank you again for letting us all in.”

– Joan Paros, Virginia

“[Y]ou are a gifted writer… [W]hile I expected to understand intellectually what you went through, I was surprised that I was able to empathize. Your book was so well written that I really felt your emotional pain and frustration… And I shared your joy when things went well. If you ever find the time to write another book on any subject, I’ll be one of the first people to buy it.”

– Diane Austin, California

“I have been in the same position all night, in bed reading. I received your book from Amazon this afternoon and read it tonight. It is the first time I have ever read a book in one night. I could not put it down… It was an amazing journey; very touching… It sounds like you are finally home.”

– Leslie Wurdoch, Missouri


“I thought your book was so beautifully written. It was so tender and full of love; [it] helped me to find and love and have compassion for that part of myself that I realize I have still had shame about . . . You are a beautiful and brave man . . . Thank you for being such a sensitive and tender writer.”

– Joyce C., Cambridge, MA.