dhillon khosla

Attorney / Author

Out and Equal Summit SF, Moscone Center

Session 3:  11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.


Khosla will team up with Terri Cook, author of Allies and Angels, at the Out and Equal Summit.  The Workplace Summit welcomes more than 2,500 attendees who participate in over 120 workshops and caucuses all designed to create an inclusive workplace.  This will be Khosla’s second presentation at an Out and Equal Annual Summit and a brief synopsis of this one is below.

Gender Transitions 101:  Two different perspectives; one universal message.

Khosla will share the story of his medical transition from female-to-male while working as a staff attorney at the federal courts, as well as behind-the-scenes highlights of his high profile press tour and how his use of personal vs. political language – especially during the most challenging moments — helped bridge both political and religious divides.

Terri Cook, a mother, engineer, and author of Allies & Angels, learned the child she thought was her daughter is really her son. Terri shares her family’s journey supporting their son’s transition from female-to-male. The story integrates Trans 101 content and highlights the company practices, policies and environment that allowed Terri and her husband to excel in the workplace.  To learn more about Terri and her book visit www.alliesandangels.com.

Khosla Signs with International Speaker’s Bureau

Khosla has signed with MasterMedia Speakers Bureau for lecture representation.

“MasterMedia is thrilled to have someone of Dhillon’s expertise and caliber to our roster of world-class speakers,” stated Tony Calao of Mastermedia, whose roster of clients has included best-selling author John Gray (“Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”) and psychologist Dr. Joyce Brothers amongst other experts, business leaders, Pulitzer Prize-winning writers, authors and celebrated personalities.

For booking information contact Tony Colao 800-453-2887.

Khosla’s Short Film, “The Temple Beyond Tolerance,” wins in Hollywood

Khosla’s short film, “The Temple Beyond Tolerance” directed and produced by Northcutt/Loften Productions, was screened at Hollywood’s Rebel Planet Short Film Festival and won second place in the Documentary Category. The film was scripted and scored by Khosla and features original songs from Khosla’s album “The Temple.”

In The Temple Beyond Tolerance, Khosla takes us through his very personal story of having been born in the wrong body — and the extraordinary measures he took to find his way home.  Rather than using his story to indict or expose the intolerance of others, he instead reveals the shadows of intolerance within himself and how he set about transforming those shadows into light.

The judges who awarded Khosla second place at the Hollywood film festival included producer (Doug Drazin (“Fools Rush In”), Producer Sean Covel (“Napolean Dynamite), Casting Director Bob Morones (“Scarface”, “Platoon”), and Animator/Producer “Calvin Brown” (“The Proud Family”).

The film was also selected for screening at the Breckenridge film festival (www.breckfilms.com), the oldest film festival in the United States.

To view the film, visit Khosla’s “Pictures and Video” page.

Both Sides Now – Book Published in Italy

Khosla’s book Both Sides Now was purchased for publication in Italy by Ediznoi II Punto D’Incon.  It was released under the name “Due Vite in Una” (Two lives in One).

On The Music Front….

Khosla collaborated with producer Johannes Luley of My Sonic Temple in creating a new, updated version of his album, “The Temple.”  Luley – whose discography includes a two-time grammy nominated album – brings a new dimension and style to the album.  The new version has been mastered and will eventually be duplicated for release following publication of Khosla’s upcoming written works.

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